Volunteer History

From the earliest days the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. has received unprecedented support from shareholder and community volunteers. This volunteer support is the heartbeat of the Cooperative. Volunteers readily respond to calls for on-going maintenance and new development help. The Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. is most grateful to each and every volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for the Acadia Cinema Cooperative or one of our valued presenters please use the contacts listed below:

The Al Whittle Theatre Sunday films or Retro films please contact manager@alwhittletheatre.ca

Devour the Food Film Fest, please contact volunteer@devourfest.com

Deep Roots Music Festival, please contact office@deeprootsmusic.ca

Acadia Cinema Cooperative Board of Directors for committee work or becoming a board member, please contact secretary@alwhittletheatre.ca